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Recruiting 101

As we explore the dual identity of the student-athlete, we delve into a topic that has long been a cornerstone of American collegiate life. Balancing the demands of academics and athletics is no small

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Body Language and Recruiting

There were lots reasons my coach was so adamant I pick my head up after making a bogey. For one, this signified to my, teammates, the other team, and the fans that I was done. The adversity I had recently experienced appeared too much for me to handle. On top of the perception, body language gives others,there was the inevitability of bringing about further failures due to my poor reaction and defeated body language.

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7 Recruiting Tips For A College Golf Coach

As a former college golf coach and administrator, with more than 20 years of experience in college athletics, the question I am asked most frequently is, “What piece of advice can you give us to help get my son/daughter a scholarship?”. I’ve seen and experienced virtually everything, and here’s my top 7….

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