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Build your profile with athletic stats, highlight videos, academic scores, and more

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Send your profile directly to a college coach via our directory of over 25,000 coaches

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Enter your schedule to let coaches know when and where you’re playing
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Built for college coaches and student-athletes

Finally a recruiting app has been created to incorporate the needs of both coaches and athletes all in one place. Search athletes, coaches, events, and start a conversation right away, all at your fingertips.

Hear from college coaches and athletes

These coaches and athletes have had a first look at the capabilities of RecruitMe and the benefit it provides. Their insight illustrates the need for the RecruitMe app in this market.

At the University of Tennessee, we are moving forward with our recruiting needs on RecruitMe. This app does it all. Thanks to the team for listening to our needs and making an app that will help us connect with the players that fit in our system here on Rocky Top. Go Vols!
Chris Woodruff
University of Tennessee Men's Tennis Coach
RecruitMe made the recruiting process so much easier and less stressful! It helped me reach my lifelong dream – to play basketball in college.
Keeleigh Rogers
Carson Newman University, Basketball
What could have been a long, difficult recruiting process was actually really easy with RecruitMe! Having all my interested schools and coaches laid out in front of me made everything simpler and more enjoyable.
Ali Morris
Western Carolina University, Volleyball
RecruitMe is the future of athletic recruiting. The app is so user-friendly and makes it easy to find any and all information a coach or athlete could possibly need.
Eric Boden
Former Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Tennessee

Connect with college coaches and gain exposure

Student-athletes can now choose to connect with interested college coaches via our chat feature. Plus they can share their schedules and upcoming events so they know who will be there watching!

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Find the best student-athletes at sports events

This time saving app features a place for coaches to keep all their information on prospects in one place, while having links to highlight videos, schedules and other profile information all together.

Explore events happening across the country
Check profiles of athletes
Make notes about athletes during tournaments
Connect and start conversation right away

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Meet the RecruitMe team

We strongly believe every athlete should have the opportunity to be seen and exposed to college opportunities through sports no matter their background or demographic. RecruitMe aims to change the status quo by partnering in a new way with coaches and athletes through meeting the unique needs of each.

Jeanette Bell
President, Co-Founder
Eric Bell
Tracy Thompson

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